1st IDO is launching on Uplift

Hello D.AI.SY nation,

it is official now: The 1st IDO is launching on the Uplift Launchpad on 16th December 2021, powered by D.AI.SY!

But first things first.

What is an IDO?

IDO stands for initial DEX offering and is a new and exciting type of decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform.

What is a launchpad?

Crypto launchpads, also known as crypto incubators, are platforms that allow blockchain-based projects to raise capital while giving access to early-stage token sales for their group of investors.

Typically you need to stake launchpad’s native tokens to be eligible to participate in IDOs. The higher your stake, the more allocation you get. Your allocation typically has to be paid in stablecoins by participants. Depending on how successful the crowdfunded token is, you can make some significant gains with the new token.

How to get started?

If you are a D.AI.SY member and have purchased D.AI.SY tokens, you need to exchange them for LIFT tokens. LIFT is the native token of Uplift that you need to stake to be eligible to participate in IDOs.

How to Swap, Bridge and Stake Your Assets

  1. Open TronLink Extension on your PC.
  2. Go to https://app.daisydao.io/claim (make sure to use TronLink internal browser for mobile) and connect your TronLink wallet.
  3. Tap Claim to claim DAISY tokens. Wait for the transaction confirmation.

4. Add LIFT as an asset TGo8MJaSxvVVicZ1ixC7n3ibJMt9NJvxuU in TronLink

5. Switch to Exchange tab and enter the amount of DAISY tokens or tap MAX button.

6. Tap Swap DAISY and wait for the confirmation of the transaction.

7. Press “Go to Bridge” or use the following link: https://app.uplift.io/bridge

Video guide:

8. Install Metamask on your PC. It is a Google Chrome Add-On and can be downloaded here: https://metamask.io/

9. Add Binance Smart Chain Mainnet https://medium.com/blind-boxes/how-to-guide-connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain-7403c1f33170

10. Add LIFT as an asset 0x513c3200f227ebb62e3b3d00b7a83779643a71cf

11. Export Wallet from TronLink and import with private key into Metamask. This will make sure that you can keep your team structure that you have built in D.AI.SY.

Video guide:

12. Purchase BNB tokens. This can be done on Binance.

13. Send BNB tokens to Metamask (you will need them to cover payment processing fees).

14. Connect Metamask Wallet.

15. Go to the Bridge tab: https://app.uplift.io/bridge. Enter the token amount or tap Max button. Press Transfer. Wait for the transaction confirmation.

16. Tap Claim (use BNB tokens to perform this action). Wait for the transaction confirmation.

Note: The Claim button might not appear until you buy at least 1 LIFT on PancakeSwap.

17. Switch to STAKING tab, input the staking amount, adjust the vesting period and stake.
Video guide:

The longer the vesting period, the higher your Tier booster:

Tier boosters will increase your Staking Power that you can claim two days after your staked your LIFT tokens. The higher your Staking Power, the more lottery tickets you will receive and the higher your chance to win higher allocations.

Allocations will be paid with BUSD. BUSD can be purchased on Binance or PancakeSwap.

BUSD contract address is 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

18. Go through the KYC process and visit the Projects section to join the Whitelist: https://app.uplift.io/ido

Click on “Whitelist Open” and you will be directed to the YouMinter page: https://app.uplift.io/ido/youminter

Hit “Join whitelist”.

On the same page you will find all the information related to the YouMinter project.

YouMinter is an easy-to-use iOS and Android app with a feed, followers, and likes which opens up the world of NFT to everyone. Create, mint, and share your NFTs on any blockchain with just a few taps.

Website: https://youminter.com/

Medium: https://youminter.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/youminter

Telegram: https://t.me/youminter

The Whitelist countdown can be watched in the YouMinter section: https://app.uplift.io/ido/youminter

On the right hand side you will see the next steps and dates:

Please visit this page on 16th December 2021 to find a date when allocations will be paid.

Please also follow the Uplift channels for updates:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UpliftDao

Telegram: https://t.me/upliftdao

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