Daisy Forex is now live!

Dear D.AI.SY nation!

D.AI.SY Forex went live on 12th October and already has 9M USD in contributions!

After 24 hours and the early glitches with the Tronlink App, Daisy has still managed to generate over 5M in contributions after 24 hours and generated 1.8M in the matrix smart contract ready to pay out Nov 1st!

Most members have purchases in their teams already, and in order for them to earn their matrix bonus and check match, they will need to activate their promo packs 1-5 in October.

Additionally, for members who are not yet in the higher Tiers, this is a one-time opportunity for members to unlock placement in the higher tier Matrix. Matrix placement happens instantly so those in your teams who take action NOW will have an exciting advantage with future spillover and compression.

Here is the backtesting performance results of AI Forex!

How to join Daisy Forex?

Use this link: https://daisy.global/r/daisyb

To access the DAISY platform we recommend using the Tronlink wallet app or the Tronlink chrome extension on your PC.

1) Download Tronlink app to your phone, (or install Tronlink chrome extension on your computer).

2) Setting up Tronlink app will automatically provide you with a TRX wallet, as well as wallets for all Tron based tokens including USDT (TRC20)

3) The reason users need a Tronlink app or extension is to access the website via the Dapp browser , which automatically connects to your wallet.

4) All DAISY contribution tiers will use the USDT token from Tron ( TRC20) . There are many ways to get the USDT Tron token into your Tronlink app wallet, the most popular and easiest way is by purchasing it on Binance.

Inside of Binance you can either purchase directly using a credit/debit card, or select the trade tab and convert another coin to USDT and Tron.

You will want to have 150 TRX in your Tronlink TRX wallet to register, and have around 100 TRX available for EACH Tier you plan to contribute too after that. The TRX is used for blockchain energy fees.

In your Tronlink wallet, You will also need 100 USDT for Tier 1,
200 USDT for Tier 2, and so on…. Remember that you can benefit more from purchasing higher tiers!

When buying Tiers you can now choose between Crypto and Forex:

Buy one Tier after another.

Remember: If you contribute to Tiers 1-5 in October, you will get placed into Tiers 6-10 matrix!

In other words: You will benefit from Tier 6-10 purchases in your matrix even though you only contributed to Tier 1-5.

If using Binance, for example to get your USDT and TRX, you would send the USDT from Binance wallet to Tronlink wallet, and be sure to select the USDT TRC20 option when sending. Also send TRX token to your Tronlink trx wallet to cover the transaction fees.

There are many options for purchasing digital currency and converting to USDT and TRX .

Blockfolio.com is another way to purchase Tether USDT-TRC20

-Deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum & Tron into your Blockfolio wallet and INSTANTLY convert it into USDT-TRC20.

Still have questions? Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

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