Daisy is back on fire!

Dear Crypto Enthusiast, what is the easiest way to get rich with cryptocurrency? Many crypto influencers will probably tell you: Just HODL Bitcoin. Sounds sensible. But what if we told you that there is a way to outperform HODL by using AI Trading Technology? This world leader in Fintech has a 12 years history of producing impressive results for institutional clients all over theContinue reading “Daisy is back on fire!”

1st IDO is launching on Uplift

Hello D.AI.SY nation, it is official now: The 1st IDO is launching on the Uplift Launchpad on 16th December 2021, powered by D.AI.SY! But first things first. What is an IDO? IDO stands for initial DEX offering and is a new and exciting type of decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform. What is a launchpad? CryptoContinue reading “1st IDO is launching on Uplift”

How To Join Daisy – Updated Instruction

Joining Daisy is as easy as 1-2-3 … Use this link: https://daisy.global/r/daisysm1 To access the DAISY platform we recommend using the Tronlink wallet app or the Tronlink chrome extension on your PC. 1) Download Tronlink app to your phone, (or install Tronlink chrome extension on your computer). 2) Setting up Tronlink app will automatically provide you with a TRX wallet, as well as walletsContinue reading “How To Join Daisy – Updated Instruction”

Daisy Global – 30 Days Promotion

Dear D.AI.SY Nation, do you want to get free Daisy tokens? If so, check out this amazing promotion that was just launched! New Daisy 30 Days Promotion Earn FREE Daisy Tokens for referring new people to Daisy. Your NEW & EXISTING referrals earn new tokens if they fund up to Tier 2 or above inContinue reading “Daisy Global – 30 Days Promotion”

Daisy Token Essentials

Dear D.AI.SY Nation, We have great news for all Daisy Token presale participants: Daisy Token is now listed on three Exchanges! Uniswap Pancake Swap HitBTC Below, you will find some Daisy Token essentials that help you to stay up to date. This is the DAISY TOKEN address on ETH (Ethereum): 0x40955D77F87123b71b145098358A60573ac7BE96 This is the DAISYContinue reading “Daisy Token Essentials”

Daisy Presale – Preferred Customer Round

Dear D.AI.SY Nation, we have two big annoucements for you! 1) From today on every D.AI.SY member can go to http://www.daisypresale.com with the same TRX/USDT wallet address you use in D.AI.SY, and you will be automatically logged into your DAISY TOKEN back office. http://www.daisypresale.com 2) Your referral link to share with non-daisy members will beContinue reading “Daisy Presale – Preferred Customer Round”

Daisy DeFi Opportunity Explained

Dear Daisy Nation, Currently Daisy members are funding the development of a new Super AI, a financial technology that will transform the existing financial industry. The second Venture Capital project has just been announced. It is funding a platform that will revolutionize the future of the financial industry known as DeFi (decentralized finance). Imagine profitingContinue reading “Daisy DeFi Opportunity Explained”