Daisy is back on fire!

Dear Crypto Enthusiast,

what is the easiest way to get rich with cryptocurrency? Many crypto influencers will probably tell you: Just HODL Bitcoin. Sounds sensible.

But what if we told you that there is a way to outperform HODL by using AI Trading Technology?

This world leader in Fintech has a 12 years history of producing impressive results for institutional clients all over the world.

Here is the best part: This Fintech company was the first crypto trading company to be audited by EY (Ernst & Young).

This Fintech company is now partnering with an innovative crowd funding platform to raise more than $10 Million dollars for R&D to take their AI technology to a level not seen in the financial world.

After the official launch in March 2021 the platform has:

  • More than 170,000 members
  • $140 Million dollars in trading volume
  • $64 Million dollars profit withdrawn by members
  • Generated 52% profit vs. Bitcoin from March to September
  • Launched a token that moved from $0.10 to $3.00 in two months and was listed on 4 exchanges
  • Launched a launchpad for DCO (decentralized crowd offerings)
  • Entered a partnership with a global crypto debit card provider

Here is the historical performance of 2021:

And this is only the beginning!

Forex trading has launched in April 2022 and the performance has broken all records! The cumulative trading result reached 279% in just over 7 months.

If you break it done to monthly performance, the average would be 20%!

However, you can cash out weekly!

You have an opportunity to benefit 3 different ways.

  • Participate in the crowd fund and receive shares in the Fintech company’s IPO (public listing).
  • Receive passive earnings as Trading Rewards from the new super AI trading with the $500M plus trading pool as a crowd funder
  • Share this unique opportunity with others and earn additional income rewards (optional)

The best part is you can start crowd funding with as little as $100 knowing that institutional investors normally pay $125K a year to access the Fintech company’s AI Trading technology and need to have a minimum of $1M to trade.

You can top up your crowd funding contribution anytime to access more rewards.

For questions please join our Telegram group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

Still Like What You See? Watch the full presentation:

How to join

Sign up link is https://daisy.global/r/id005


  1. Download the TronLink app:
  1. Back Up your wallet using Tokenpocket (that way you have an extra app in case of emergency. 
  1. Download Binance, Coinzoom or Hyperpay, create an account, verify it and purchase TRX (within your Tronlink app you can then swap TRX into USDT TRC20. In case you don’t want to swap, you can also purchase USDT TRC20 directly and send these individualy to you tronlink wallet):

Example Binance P2P:

Example Coinzoom (purchase also with wire transfer (USD)):

  1. Send TRX (and usdt TRC20 if you like) to your Tronlink wallet.
  2. Swap TRX into USDT TRC20 using Tronlink (in case you have only purchased TRX):
  1. Connect to the d.ai.sy smart contract and purchase your tiers :


For each Tier you want to acquire, you will need:
a) Approximately 150 TRX to cover transaction fees (= gas fees)
b) USDT (TRC20!!!) for tier purchase (example: you want to buy Level 1 and 2. You will need the total of 300 TRX (150 x 2) plus 300 USDT TRC20 (level 1 = 100 plus level 2 = 200).
You have the option to purchase Forex & Crypto as a combo pack. If you do do, you will pay only one gas fee for purchasing both.

All done! Welcome to the fabulous ecosystem of D.AI.SY!

Still Have Questions? Join Our Telegram Group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

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