Daisy Global Matrix Explained

Understanding the Daisy Global matrix is important in order to optimize your earnings with the compensation plan.

In this post we want to explain the matrix in simple terms.

You prefer watching a video over reading a text? Scroll down to watch the video.


When we talk about the crowd funding packages we talk about Tiers. Below you will find an overview of all 10 Crowd Fund Tiers:

Daisy Global Crowd Fund Tiers

Tiers 1-7 will contribute with 50% to AI trading. 50% go to Daisy Crowd. 46% of which go to the referral plan. 4% will go to Endotech as a performance fee.

Tiers 8-10 will contribute with 70% to AI trading. 30% go to Daisy Crowd.

When we talk about the matrix we talk about generations.

About the matrix

It’s a 3×10 Forced Matrix. It is maxed out at 10 generations.

First generation has 3 members. Every following generation will tripple the maximum amount of members. 3-9-27-81-243-729-2187-6561-19683-59049.

Daisy Crowd 3×10 Forced Matrix

You have to qualify for generations to earn from referrals on each generation. There are three criteria that you have to meet.

However: Generation 1 and 2 require no qualification!

Generations 3 to 10 have to be unlocked by fulfilling these criteria: Number of direct referrals, their turnover and the total amount of referrals in each generation.

Example: To unlock generation 3 you need 3 direct referrals with a total turnover of at least $1000 and 27 referrals in total. These 27 don’t have to be your direct and can be Spillover as well.

How does the Spillover work?

Since this is a Forced Matrix, you can only place a certain amount of referrals per generation. Others will be “Forced Down”.

Example: You recruited 4 direct referrals. 3 will be placed in your first generation. Number 4 will be forced to go to generation 2.

Daisy Global Matrix Spillover

The algorithm will be searching for available spots from left to right and place the spilled over referral on teh next available spot. It will always make sure the first spot in each leg is filled before it goes to the next.


To earn from contributions in your matrix you have to have the same package Tier like your referrals.

If someone contributes with a higher Tier package, the commission will be compressed to the next qualified member.

Example: You have a Tier 3 ($400 pack) contributor in the generation you’re qualified for. If you only own a Tier 2 package ($200), you will not benefit from that contribution. The algorithm will be searching for all members with a Tier 3 pack (or higher) in the 10 generations above the contributed pack and reward these members.

Can you earn without recruiting?

There are three ways how you can earn passively with Daisy Global.

  1. All members receive an equal share from the 5% Endotech stock pool. You will be able to liquidate the equity once Endotech goes public.
  2. Endotech will share profits from AI tarding will all members.
  3. You can earn from potential Spillover in the matrix.
Daisy Global Passive Income

Spillover earnings can be up to 48% of your contribution. You can potentially have 12 referrals as Spillover. If all of them buy 1-7 Tier packages you earn 12 x 4%.

Example: If all 3 referrals from your first generation will buy 1-7 Tier packages you will earn $1524 ($12700 x 4% x 3).

You are not a Matrix builder?

You don’t know how to build a matrix? Well, you can learn it. Still not convinced? Earn direct commissions of 5%.

You can only have 3 referrals in the first generation of your matrix.

However: You can have as many direct referrals as you want.

Here is the best part: There is no compression! You will earn 5% from all Tiers no matter what Tier you have.

Example: You own a Tier 1 package ($100) and someone contributes with Tier 7 ($12700), you earn 5% x $12700 even though you have a lower package.

48 Hours Rule

In the first 48 hours after you activate your first package you don’t have to qualify for generations.

That means that all 10 generations will be unlocked for you.

However: Compression will still be in place. You have to own the same package Tier as contributors in your matrix.

Pace Setter Bonuses

The referral plan includes special bonuses for Pace Setters.

Pace Setters are members that build big teams in a short period of time.

Pace Setters will become a member of the Infinity Club and earn commissions based on infinite levels.


That was a long read. Thanks for your patience. You can also watch the video below to understand how the matrix works:

Join our Telegram group if you still have questions: https://t.me/daisyglobal

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