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What Is D.AI.SY?

D.AI.SY stands for Decentralized AI Systems and it aim to bring artificial intelligence into the crypto trading space to the public.

  • Decentralized AI System Being Developed By Endotech (https://endotech.io)
  • Disruptive Crowd Funding Model For Financial Technologies
  • Smart Contract DeFi App On The Tron Blockchain, Not A Company.
  • A Model Where Everyone Wins Profits, Equity And Income.
  • Members Receive Exclusive Stock Equity And Profit Rewards
  • Daisy AI Is Endotech’s Path To Becoming A Public Company
  • Daisy AI Is Next Generation Of AI Trading
  • 85% Of Trading Profits Are Rewarded Back To Daisy Members
  • Super Lucrative Referral Plan For Leaders And Builders
  • Incredible Passive Income Opportunity
  • Currently Crowd Funding The Daisy AI Project Tron Smart contract.
  • Smart Contract Technology Allows For Safe Interaction Between DAISY And Its Members
  • The TRON Blockchain Enables The Scaling Of Transaction Capacity And Has Low Transaction Fees.
  • All Smart Contract Transactions Are Transparent For Verification On The Blockchain.

For questions please join our WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HPXryTaXfQp5zvb4turCO5

Watch This Two Minutes Video To Understand The Concept Of D.AI.SY Global:

Still Like What You See? Watch the Compensation Plan:

How to join

Sign up link is https://daisy.global/r/cryptodevz

Please paste the link into your Tron Link Wallet. That’s the only supported wallet right now.

To get Tron Link please go to https://www.tronlink.org

Make sure you have at least 100 USDT (TRC20) to buy the first Tier and 5$ in TRX to pay the fee.

Paste the link into your Tron Link browser:

Set up your username:

Your TRX address will be populated automatically.

Hit sign up.

In the next step you will be prompted to choose the authorization mode. Safe Mode will require you to enter your password each time you’re making a payment.

Enter your password and confirm the payment.

After you enter your password and confirm you will find yourself on the main page.

You will be prompted to buy the first Tier.

Scroll down on that page and hit “Confirm Payment”. The confirmation might take up to 30-60 seconds.

Repeat that process for every Tier you want to purchase.

Still Have Questions? Join Our WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HPXryTaXfQp5zvb4turCO5

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