Daisy Global Matrix Explained

Understanding the Daisy Global matrix is important in order to optimize your earnings with the compensation plan. In this post we want to explain the matrix in simple terms. You prefer watching a video over reading a text? Scroll down to watch the video. Terminology When we talk about the crowd funding packages we talkContinue reading “Daisy Global Matrix Explained”

What is the best wallet for Daisy?

People keep asking us what the best mobile Tron wallet is to be used for Daisy. Our recommendation: Klever Wallet Klever App is a simple, secure & decentralized p2p crypto wallet for Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and other top coins, tokens and cryptocurrency assets. Download Klever: https://klever.io/invite/qrtjv4y9PB29j44UA The app’s built-in secure Web Browser allows users to explore dapps, decentralized services and productsContinue reading “What is the best wallet for Daisy?”

Daisy AI – Global Launch Call was a full success

Hey Daisy army, a few hours ago the Global D.AI.SY Launch call took place with more than 6000 participants. Eduard Kemchan, Jeremy Roma and Dr. Anna Becker presented live in front a very international crowd. The meeting was broadcasted in 12 languages. Here is the English recording: Eduard told us the story behind Daisy GlobalContinue reading “Daisy AI – Global Launch Call was a full success”

How to secure your top spot in Daisy Global?

Are you excited to join Daisy Global as much as we are? Be the first one to receive your sign up link and take position at the very top! Deadline: 28th December 2020 If you submit the form after this deadline, you will not be pre-enrolled. However, you will receive an early link by email.Continue reading “How to secure your top spot in Daisy Global?”

D.AI.SY Compensation Plan

Prefer watching a video vs. reading? Here is a comprehensive video review explaining the compensation plan: You do not have to refer people. You can earn passive income from Endotech trading activities. However, if you refer people, there are multiple ways to earn money with the D.AI.SY referral plan. UPFRONT INCOME 3×10 Forced Matrix Bonus Personal ReferralContinue reading “D.AI.SY Compensation Plan”

What is D.AI.SY?

D.AI.SY Global is a disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies. The underlying technology will be a smart contract based on Tron. Endotech will use D.AI.SY crowd funding model to fund their AI development. So, they can hire more quant scientists and build the next data center they need to operate this new technology. The ID 001 in the referral plan will be used to collectContinue reading “What is D.AI.SY?”

Who is behind D.AI.SY Global?

D.AI.SY stands for Decentralized AI Systems and Endotech AI is named as their first technology partner. The official website is https://endotech.io/. Endotech AI is an Israeli company that is developing AI and algo-trading content for the cryptocurrency market. CEO and co-founder is Dr. Anna Becker. At age 19, she solved a mathematical equation that was unsolved for 20 years. That has made herContinue reading “Who is behind D.AI.SY Global?”