Daisy Global – Update 10th January

Update from the leadership call with the founders: Login function is turned back on. Your referral links are activated. Before you grab the link make sure the website is fully loaded. If you grab it too early, it will display „undefined“. Replace „undefined“ with your username before you share it. Only lower cases allowed. YouContinue reading “Daisy Global – Update 10th January”

Daisy Global Finally Launched

Hello Daisy Nation, we hope you had a chance to watch the official Daisy Launch Video!Watch again: Here is your sign up link: Grab your Top Spillover ID now: https://daisy.global/r/id005 Click here to see a comprehensive sign up instruction: https://daisyglobal.blog/how-to-join-daisy/ Still have questions? Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

Daisy Global – Sign Up Process

DAISY Registration and Upgrade Tiers working now. SIGN UP NOW! DAISY Referral link: https://daisy.global/r/gene76 FOLLOW THE BELOW STEP BY STEP PROCESS TO SIGN UP D.AI.SY STEP 1: Download TronLink: https://www.tronlink.org/ STEP 2: Deposit Tron and USDT-TRC20 into your TronLink wallet with the amount needed to buy your package(s). Packages will be bought with USDT. Transaction fees will beContinue reading “Daisy Global – Sign Up Process”

How To Migrate From Klever To TronLink

Hey Daisy Nation, TronWallet and KleverWallet seem to have issues with the smart contract. Currently only Tron Link and Tron Link Pro wallets support the Daisy smart contract. This is being fixed. However, all Klever users have the option to import their Klever private keys into Tron Link. To do so, please follow these steps:Continue reading “How To Migrate From Klever To TronLink”

Daisy Global – Official Launch On 10th January

Hello Daisy Nation, You probably saw the announcement in the official Telegram group: https://t.me/daisy_global The official launch is targeted for 10th January, 6am UTC. The GLOBAL LAUNCH will be kicked off by the OFFICIAL DAISY VIDEO in 13 languages. Register for the LIVE GLOBAL LAUNCH here: http://www.daisycrowd.com To all PRE-ENROLLEES: Tomorrow after 9am UTC youContinue reading “Daisy Global – Official Launch On 10th January”

Daisy Global – 48 Hours Rule Simulated

Dear Daisy Nation, everyone is really excited about Daisy Global to finally launch. And the best place to get the latest updates as far as the launch date is concerned is here: https://t.me/daisyglobal For many potential Daisy members the first 48 hours will be the most critical period of time. And especially for those membersContinue reading “Daisy Global – 48 Hours Rule Simulated”

TronWallet Migrates To KleverWallet

Dear Daisy Nation! Here is a very important update for everyone wanting to use TronWallet to join Daisy! If you open your TronWallet app you will find this annoucement popping up: TronWallet will be sunset by 28th February 2021. This was kind of expected. That’s why we’ve been recommending to use the Klever Wallet. WhatContinue reading “TronWallet Migrates To KleverWallet”

Updates From 5th January

As you probably already know, the Daisy launch is being delayed because 120 pre-enrollees didn’t submit the correct Tron Wallet addresses. New launch date will be posted here on the blog and in our Telegram Group. Some pre-enrollees have submitted addresses from their Exodus Wallets, Trust Wallets or other none-dApp friendly Wallets. The only WalletsContinue reading “Updates From 5th January”

Daisy Global – Updated Compensation Plan

Dear Daisy Nation, we want you to be aware of the recent changes to the Daisy Global compensation plan. Infinity Club bonuses will be removed from the compensation plan since the Smart Contract can’t handle calculations of commissions to infinite generations. As you might be aware, the Infinity Club bonus was 2.5% at the frontContinue reading “Daisy Global – Updated Compensation Plan”