Daisy DeFi Opportunity Explained

Dear Daisy Nation, Currently Daisy members are funding the development of a new Super AI, a financial technology that will transform the existing financial industry. The second Venture Capital project has just been announced. It is funding a platform that will revolutionize the future of the financial industry known as DeFi (decentralized finance). Imagine profitingContinue reading “Daisy DeFi Opportunity Explained”

Daisy to launch a DeFi token!

Dear Daisy Nation, on 22nd May Daisy founders have made the biggest announcement since inception of Daisy. Watch it here: Here is an executive summary of this very important announcement: Introduction Daisy has been approached by many projects seeking funding Around 50% were DeFi related projects They recognised the value of a large community ofContinue reading “Daisy to launch a DeFi token!”

Daisy Global – New Members Can Sign Up

The wait is over! Daisy Global has officially reopened for new members! If you are new to Daisy and want to grab a top spot, use this referral link: https://daisy.global/r/daisyb Detailed sign up instruction: https://daisyglobal.blog/how-to-join-daisy/ You will now be able to upgrade to Tier 4 and up to Tier 10 in 12 hours. If youContinue reading “Daisy Global – New Members Can Sign Up”

Daisy Global – Finally Launching on 30th March

The official countdown timer for the Daisy 2.0 Launch is live at http://www.daisycrowd.com IT IS GO TIME!! In preparation of the Daisy launch, here are some important details that you can share with your teams: 1) Existing members will have 6 hours to upgrade tiers and secure their positions in each tier Matrix prior toContinue reading “Daisy Global – Finally Launching on 30th March”

Daisy Global – First smart contract to use a stablecoin

Dear Daisy nation, thanks for your continous support and your patience while waiting for the Daisy relaunch. The Daisy Global team will host a very important Prelaunch Countdown Founders Call on March 12th at 8am UTC and announce the definite relaunch date. The webinar link will be available on http://www.daisycrowd.com. What can you do untilContinue reading “Daisy Global – First smart contract to use a stablecoin”

Summary from the Daisy Global Call

Daisy Global – Meeting minutes from the corporate call on 15th January 2021 Updates: 55,000 people joined in 4 days. 40M USD in crowd fund contributions. Endotech did not expect these big numbers. The funds Endotech was able to get with Daisy would have never happened through regular VC channels. Endotech has replicated their superContinue reading “Summary from the Daisy Global Call”

How To Manually Join Daisy

MANUAL UPGRADE INSTRUCTION As you might know, the Daisy frontend doesn’t currently show reliable data. But the backend is working perfectly fine. However, you can register and buy packages via TRONSCAN. Follow the instructions below. Open Google Chrome Go to https://tronscan.org/ and connect your Tron Link Google Chrome extention with TRONSCAN (Hit CONNECT WALLET inContinue reading “How To Manually Join Daisy”