Daisy Presale – Preferred Customer Round

Dear D.AI.SY Nation,

we have two big annoucements for you!

1) From today on every D.AI.SY member can go to www.daisypresale.com with the same TRX/USDT wallet address you use in D.AI.SY, and you will be automatically logged into your DAISY TOKEN back office. www.daisypresale.com

2) Your referral link to share with non-daisy members will be available to copy and share in the back office.

3) When you share your referral link with any friend who is a non D.AI.SY member, they can purchase the DAISY token. You also earn a 10% USDT bonus with every referral, including every D.AI.SY referral who participates in this round. Your referral will also have their own referral link and they earn an instant 10% USDT referral bonus for anyone they refer, and of course the full rewards plan goes into the smart contract and pays you instantly in USDT.

(How to Purchase Video https://youtu.be/JwylbZ47STM )

4) Any D.AI.SY member who joined before July 7th at 11am utc will receive a 25% bonus of DAISY Tokens for any personal token purchases you make during the referral round.

5) Any D.AI.SY member who joins between July 7th and July 31st prior to purchasing DAISY Token in this referral round, will receive a 10% bonus of DAISY Tokens for any personal token purchases you make during the referral round.

You are not a D.AI.SY member but want to buy the D.AI.SY token?

Please do the following:

Step 1: Enter the link https://www.daisypresale.com/TDmV1zyqiQrras92Wo7np14b3tmNE3zH8H in your TronLink browser.
Step 2: – Enter the amount of tokens you wnat to buy
Step 3: – Click Approve USDT
Step 4: – Confirm your purchase in TronLink wallet

In D.AI.SY we trust! All others bring DATA!

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