Daisy Token Presale Started

Dear D.AI.SY Nation,

the wait is finally over! The Daisy Token Presale has officially launched on 1st July!

Two rounds were sold in 24 hours!

Currenty, round 3 is active. Daisy members have the opportunity to buy the Daisy Token at the very discounted price of $ 0.50! Public sales expected to be at $1-$5!

Timelines for Daisy Pre-sale:

July 1: 11am – 11pm UTC

🛑 Tier 1 Access to Presale (completed)

July 1: 11pm – July 2: 11am UTC

✅ Tier 1-5 Access to Presale (active)

July 2: 11am – July 4: 11am UTC

✅ Tier 1-10 Access to Presale (active)

July 4: 11am – July: 7 11am UTC

✅ Open round to Presale (you can buy ANY multiple of the Tiers you have)

How to buy tokens?

Step 1 – Be registered in Daisy. Not a member yet? Click here.
Step 2 – Use your Tron USDT wallet (same wallet you used to join Daisy) to login to www.daisypresale.com
Step 3 – Purchase your Daisy Tokens Packs

To get a comprehensive understanding about the Daisy Token Presale, please watch this video:

Beginning with minute 24 you will see a live demonstration of how Daisy Tokens will be purchased!

Still have questions? Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

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