Daisy Global – Finally Launching on 30th March

The official countdown timer for the Daisy 2.0 Launch is live at www.daisycrowd.com


In preparation of the Daisy launch, here are some important details that you can share with your teams:

1) Existing members will have 6 hours to upgrade tiers and secure their positions in each tier Matrix prior to opening up registration for new members, as most current members were not able to complete upgrades during the beta launch.

2) Each contribution tier purchase including new tier 1 members, will now require 2 steps from your TronLink wallet instead of 1, in order to complete the transaction. Step 1 is the tier contribution as before, and step 2 is now a 1 click confirmation. Its very simple and automated; once the purchase is completed, a confirmation link will pop up, and when you click the confirmation, your transaction will be completed and you will be active for that tier.

3) All contributions and rewards will now be done in USDT-TRC20 token, which uses the same wallet address you used to register. You will also need a small amount of TRX token in your same wallet to cover the Tron blockchain transaction energy fee. We recommend having 150 TRX total for each tier purchase, and in most cases it will be under 100 TRX total. This total for energy fees includes the step 2 confirmation.

Read this manual to prepare for the launch: https://daisyglobal.blog/how-to-join-daisy/

USDT-TRC20 migration explained:

4) Gold Pacesetter and Leadership bonus pool earnings will no longer pay directly into your wallets, instead they will pay instantly into the pacesetter smart contracts and accumulate, and you can withdraw your earnings at any time and as often as you choose.

5) Not all of the back office reports will be active the day we launch. Members will see new reports going live each day after the launch.

6) All existing members and new members will have 5 days from the launch where you will be automatically qualified for all 10 generations of the matrix bonus payout for each tier that you have purchased.

5 days rule explained:

We know its been a long wait, and we all know what is happening next with Daisy will be well worth it!! EXCITING TIMES, GET READY!!

For questions please join our Telegram group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

4 thoughts on “Daisy Global – Finally Launching on 30th March

  1. Hello, I need help getting my tron account back.., I panicked earlier this month when I couldn’t access my daisy account & deleted the app, then re installed it… Now I cannot seem to import my old credentials correctly. I have sent a request to tron zen desk twice but I haven’t received a response

    Please help Kind Regards


  2. I have trx and usdt, assets froze, energy, and bandwidth…. and tron link wallet and klevar. Everything is all set up for tier 3 but I cannot sign up or have not signed up for daisy. I went on the website and used the refarral link in my klevar and tron link wallet browser. It does nothing. PLEASE Help. I want to make sure I’m 100% good. Very excited about launch


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