Daisy Global – First smart contract to use a stablecoin

Dear Daisy nation,

thanks for your continous support and your patience while waiting for the Daisy relaunch.

The Daisy Global team will host a very important Prelaunch Countdown Founders Call on March 12th at 8am UTC and announce the definite relaunch date. The webinar link will be available on www.daisycrowd.com.

What can you do until then? Well, the big news from last week is that the Daisy smart contract is migrating from Tron to Tron based USDT.

What is a Tron based USDT?

The correct term is USDT TRC20. USDT is a so called stablecoin. It is pegged against the value of the USD so one USDT = one USD.

TRC20 is the protocol that the Tron blockchain is using.

There are several versions of USDT. The difference is the underlying technology.

  • USDT-Omni is based on the BTC network
  • USDT-ERC20 is based on the ETH network
  • USDT-Tron (TRC20) is based on the Tron network
  • USDT-EOS is based on the EOS network
  • USDT-BEP2 is based on the Binance Chain network
  • USDT-BEP20 is based on the Binance Smart Chain network

The Tron version has become very popular in the recent months since that ‘s the most cost efficient way to move USDT.

More recently, USDT transactions on the Tron network have outpaced the number of tether transfers on the Ethereum blockchain.

USDT TRC20 has higher transaction count than USDT ERC20

Why is Daisy Global migrating to USDT-TRC20?

This migration benefits both, Daisy members and Endotech.

Daisy members will no longer have to worry about the Tron fluctuations. Especially people, new to crypto, get very nervous if their Tron balance is moving up and down too often.

Endotech will no longer have to convert Tron to USDT before they start trading with the Daisy funds. Currency conversions cost time and money.

Lastly, no matter much of a cryptocurrency fan you are, we ALL think in FIAT when we pay bills, and live our day to day lives. So for the vast majority of people the move to USDT will make life simpler, make it easier to share with others, and prevent previous issues.

And after all, Daisy Global will be the first smart contract to operate with a stablecoin.

How to buy USDT-TRC20?

There are three types of users we want to address here. But first, please get yourself a TronLink wallet if you don’t have it already. Click here.

1. People who already have Tron (TRX) in their TronLink wallets.

The easiest way to get USDT-TRC20 is swapping your TRX to USDT-TRC20 using the swap feature:

This feature is supported by JustSwap, a TRON-based decentralized trading protocol.

Just enter the amount of TRX you want to swap. It will automatically calculate how many USDT-TRC20 you will get.

Make sure you don’t swap all your TRX balance. You will need some TRX to pay energy. Energy is needed to pay transaction fees on the Tron blockchain. Similar to Gas on the Ethereum blockchain.

Note: Your TRX address and your USDT-TRC20 address will be the same!

2. People who have crypto like BTC or ETH.

If you are in crypto for some time, you will know how to use cryptocurrency exchanges. This is the most cost efficient way to exchange cryptocurrency.

We recommend Binance. Binance is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange and has the most competitive pricing. Especially if you hold some of their native coin BNB, you will pay close to no transaction fees.

You’re not a member yet? Sign up here.

You don’t have to verify yourself if you do crypto to crypto only and if you stay below 2 BTC withdrawals per day.

If you are new to trading, check out this tutorial. Binance provides great tutorials and explainer videos to their members.

After you have converted your crypto to USDT, make sure you are withdrawing the USDT-TRC20 version to your TronLink wallet.

If you paste your TRX address into the withdrawal form, the app will automatically recognize that you want to withdraw TRC20. You can also select it manually:

Make sure you also buy some TRX and send it to your TronLink wallet as well. You will need that to pay Energy.

Remeber: Your TRX address and your USDT-TRC20 address will be the same!

3. People who are new to crypto

If you are totally new to crypto, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the stuff you’re reading here.

You have two options:

  • You learn how to use Binance (most cost effective way)
  • You use services like Klever to buy crypto with your credit card (easiest way)


After you sign up with Binance and verify yourself, you can buy crypto using your credit card here: https://www.binance.com/en/buy-sell-crypto

The big advantage of Binance is that you can buy USDT or TRX directly. In some exchanges you will have to buy BTC or ETH first and then convert to USDT or TRX.

After buying USDT, make sure you withdraw the TRC20 version of USDT to your TronLink wallet.

If you paste your TRX address into the withdrawal form, the app will automatically recognize that you want to withdraw TRC20. You can also select it manually:


To use Klever you first have to download the Klever app.

Go to the right lower corner and click on the menue button:

Then click “buy crypto”.

Choose TRX, then enter the USD amount you want to spend.

Enter the address from your TronLink wallet and proceed to Check Out.

You will find your TronLink address if your click on the TRX symbol in your TronLink app and then click “receive”.

Klever is using a third party service called Simplex to perform this purchase.

You can also watch this video to learn how to purch TRX on Klever:

Once your TRX arrive in the TronLink wallet you can swap it to USDT-TRC20 as shown below:

We hope this tutorial helps you to get ready for the big relaunch of Daisy Global.

If you still have questions, please join our Telegram group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

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