Daisy 2.0 On The Horizon

Dear Daisy nation,

if you’re part of the community, you probably know that Daisy Global had the most massive MLM launch with more than 53,000 members joining in a few days.

The huge inflow of new members has put a lot of stress on the start contract which caused the developers to stop new registrations by setting the transaction fee to 0.000001 TRX.

Developers are working hard to make sure the smart contract will be upgraded and relaunched in due time. This is scheduled for 12-19 February.

The Daisy team does an excellent job in keeping the community informed on the progress.

Here are the highlights from the Update Call 5th February 2021:

  • The smart contract is being divided in several contracts.
  • Testing will begin early next week.
  • Go live might happen in 7-10 days.
  • Endotech AI trading has started and delivered around +3% so far.
  • VIP trading program is live. VIP clients can plug in their Binance accounts now.
  • Endotech is in the process of hiring people to ramp up development.
  • Whitepaper is scheduled to be released by Friday next week.
  • Michael Faust, a global Daisy leader, shared some interesting marketing tactics with us.

Watch the full call here:

The Daisy Fund has meanwhile grown by more than 7% which is almost 2M in USD terms.

Since the relaunch is coming closer, regular Update Calls are scheduled for next week.

Here are the dates:

All zoom meetings can be accessed via www.daisycrowd.com at 8am UTC.

Other time zones:

12am Vancouver
3am Toronto
9am Europe CET / Nigeria
10am South Africa
1pm Pakistan
1.30pm India
3pm Thailand / Vietnam
4pm Malaysia / Philippines
5pm Japan
7pm Sydney

If you still have questions, please join our Telegram group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

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