How To Manually Join Daisy


As you might know, the Daisy frontend doesn’t currently show reliable data. But the backend is working perfectly fine.

However, you can register and buy packages via TRONSCAN.

Follow the instructions below.

Open Google Chrome

Go to and connect your Tron Link Google Chrome extention with TRONSCAN (Hit CONNECT WALLET in the upper right corner).

Don’t have Tron Link? Go to:

Navigate to the smart contract:

Scroll down and select the the tab WRITE CONTRACT

Skip Box 1 that says purchasePack you will come back to that later.

Go to box 2 that says: 2.register

Paste your SPONSOR’S TRON wallet address TDmV1zyqiQrras92Wo7np14b3tmNE3zH8H (doing this will ensure your placement in thier group )

Choose a username: lower cases only

In the box under user name put the amount of TRON 2969.00 that is equivalent to the amount of $100.00 USD. This amount can fluctuate, so make sure you do the correct math.

Next click on SEND and confirm payment. You can choose FAST or SAFE, then put in the same PASSWORD as you used to set up your Tronlink account.

That will fund your DAISY account with 100.00 USD enough to get your first TIER

Click refresh at the top of the screen and then go down to BOX #1. PurchasePack put the #2 in that box

Then Double the amount of Tron that you used to purchase pack 1. That amount will be around…. 5938.00 in TRON

Then refresh and repeat STEPS 9 & 10 as many times you want remembering to double the amount based on the TIER that you want to purchase.

This is the Work Around until the DAISY web site is fixed.

Be sure to have some TRON in your Tron link account in order to make your purchases.

Limbix Wallet address to work with him directly :

(replace this with ur wallet when u send this to your teams )

Prefer to watch a video? Here it is:

2 thoughts on “How To Manually Join Daisy

  1. Not interested any more . Joined under max25. All useless. Did not even received one spill. Upline can not be contacted. Money wasted.


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