How To Migrate From Klever To TronLink

Hey Daisy Nation,

TronWallet and KleverWallet seem to have issues with the smart contract.

Currently only Tron Link and Tron Link Pro wallets support the Daisy smart contract. This is being fixed.

However, all Klever users have the option to import their Klever private keys into Tron Link.

To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Install TronLink on iOS, Android or Chrome Browser:
  2. Go to your Klever wallet and hit “Settings” in the right lower corner.

3. Hit “Backup wallet” and “Ok, I got it”.

4. Choose the wallet you want to use and grab the PRIVATE KEY.

5. After copied your PRIVATE KEY, go to your TronLink wallet.

6. Hit on the Plus icon in the right upper corner to create a new address.

7. Hit “Private key”.

8. Paste your Private Key from Klever and go to the next step.

9. Set up wallet name and password according to the requirements shown.

Done. You will find the browser in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

You can easily operate the same TRX address from both apps simultaneously.

Disclaimer: This instruction was created using an iPhone. Android users might see slightly different menues.

For questions please join our Telegram group:

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