TronWallet Migrates To KleverWallet

Dear Daisy Nation!

Here is a very important update for everyone wanting to use TronWallet to join Daisy!

If you open your TronWallet app you will find this annoucement popping up:

TronWallet will be sunset by 28th February 2021. This was kind of expected. That’s why we’ve been recommending to use the Klever Wallet.

What to do if you have prepared your TronWallet for Daisy and even submitted the TronWallet address for pre-enrollment?

Where are a few simple steps that you have to undertake to migrate your TronWallet address to your Klever app.

1. Go to your TronWallet settings

2. Go to Backup wallet

3. Carefully read the security warning and click “OK, I GOT IT”

4. Copy the Private Key

4. Download Klever Wallet: Right down the seed phrase on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place.

5. Go to your Klever wallet and create new wallet by clicking on the Plus button in the top right.


6. Tap on the Tron icon and paste your PRIVATE KEY. You Can also give that wallet a name (optional). The Tron address will be populated automatically.

7. Hit “IMPORT” and you are done!

Have an amazing time with Daisy Global!

For questions join our Telegram group:

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