Daisy AI – Global Launch Call was a full success

Hey Daisy army,

a few hours ago the Global D.AI.SY Launch call took place with more than 6000 participants.

Eduard Kemchan, Jeremy Roma and Dr. Anna Becker presented live in front a very international crowd. The meeting was broadcasted in 12 languages. Here is the English recording:

Eduard told us the story behind Daisy Global and how it all came together. He visited Endotech in Israel to learn about the work they are doing with AI trading.

Together with Jeremy Roma and Ilya Manin they have developed the idea of merging the Endotech technology with an innovative Tron smart contract.

A few months later a very unique and disruptive business model was born.

Dr. Anna Becker talked about the underlying technology that Daisy Global will be using.

She is very excited for Daisy AI to help Endotech to take their super intelligence to the next level.

The target date to launch Daisy is 4th January 2021.

The big news of the day

In the first 48 hours after registration, all 10 matrix generations will be unlocked for everyone!

This is mind blowing!

All you have to do to collect your rewards from all 10 levels is to buy the level you want to earn from!

Example: If you own a 5 level package, you will earn from all 5 level packages and below, that were purchased in your 10 generations!

If you are excited as much as we are, join our Telegram group and get ready for Daisy AI with us: https://t.me/daisyglobal

Want to be the first one to receive your sign up link? Click here to do your pre-enrollment: https://daisyglobal.blog/2020/12/18/how-to-secure-your-top-spot-in-daisy-global/

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Daisy AI – Global Launch Call was a full success

  1. I need help. My TronLink account kept saying network error every time I tried to get into my daisy account. Eventually I un-installed is t and downloaded it again.., then it rejected my key and assumed a new identity.., I sent a support request but no one answered my messages… can somebody show me where to go to get real help with this?


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