How to secure your top spot in Daisy Global?

Are you excited to join Daisy Global as much as we are?

Be the first one to receive your sign up link and take position at the very top!

Deadline: 28th December 2020

If you submit the form after this deadline, you will not be pre-enrolled. However, you will receive an early link by email.

IMPORTANT: For serious leaders only!

Take a few moments to fill out the form below. We will send you an email with your link and sign up instruction as soon as Daisy Global launches!

Important: Only dApp friendly Tron wallets are accepted:

  • Klever Wallet
  • Tron Link

If you have questions, please join our Telegram group:

17 thoughts on “How to secure your top spot in Daisy Global?

  1. I though you only get in by getting the “Link” sent to you by a referral and not by this website or any other means ???


  2. Can I fund my account from my credit card anywhere in the world. And how can i become the first few leaders globally pls. I live in Canada but am an African and I lead major group of persons in Africa. I want to bring them on-board ASAP


  3. I requested a link but have not received anything yet and I have been trying since I was referred on Jan 3


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