Who is behind D.AI.SY Global?

D.AI.SY stands for Decentralized AI Systems and Endotech AI is named as their first technology partner. The official website is https://endotech.io/.

Endotech AI is an Israeli company that is developing AI and algo-trading content for the cryptocurrency market. CEO and co-founder is Dr. Anna Becker. At age 19, she solved a mathematical equation that was unsolved for 20 years. That has made her earn a professor title at the local university.

In this video Dr. Anna Becker is talking about Endotech and the services it offers:

In 2017 she was invited by the Financial Commission to become their Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC).

Endotech founders have 90 plus years in trading different markets. Their marketing slogan is: Endotech outperforms CRYPTO HODL since 2017.

Their so called ΣTBot™ is executing auto-trades via exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex and BitMEX.

This is the type of performance their trading algorithm can achieve.

Alpha AI Strategy

The average annual performance was at 814.2% back in 2018.

Leverage Trading Strategy

This is a very aggressive leverage strategy that made 297.48% in 70 days.

Check out the compensation plan: https://daisyglobal.blog/2020/12/02/d-ai-sy-compensation-plan/

How To Join

Click here to see a comprehensive sign up instruction: https://daisyglobal.blog/how-to-join-daisy/

Join our Telegram group if you still have questions: https://t.me/daisyglobal

3 thoughts on “Who is behind D.AI.SY Global?

  1. I had a called from someone 12/24/20 wishing me happy birthday and invited me to attend the on Zoom called 12/26/20 to introduced me to Daisy! I believed that this is God’s ordained and if you do to there will be no other like this! God bless you


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