What is D.AI.SY?

D.AI.SY Global is a disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies. The underlying technology will be a smart contract based on Tron.

Endotech will use D.AI.SY crowd funding model to fund their AI development. So, they can hire more quant scientists and build the next data center they need to operate this new technology.

The ID 001 in the referral plan will be used to collect $10M of funding.

Members can choose from 10 crowd funding packs that start with just $100.

Every contributor gets their equal share of 5% Endotech stock.

50% to 70% of each pack goes into D.AI.SY Fund for trading.

70% of the trading profit is rewarded back to the contributor.

15% of the trading profit is rewarded to the residual referral plan. Back to the smart contract.

Referral plan pays out up to 46% to members.

Here are some of the screen share of the back office.

Check out the compensation plan: https://daisyglobal.blog/2020/12/02/d-ai-sy-compensation-plan/

Join our Telegram group if you still have questions: https://t.me/daisyglobal

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